Book Review: There’s Lead in Your Lipstick

By on June 17, 2013


By: Denisa Murrizi

Gillian Deacon’s There’s Lead in Your Lipstick is a wonderful read for any person interested in knowing what those hard-to-pronounce ingredients in our makeup and skin care are, along with their effects on us as humans.

In general terms, we all use a number of products each day that contain some questionable ingredients.  They are in your soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant and for those who wear it, your makeup.

Many have heard about these “questionable ingredients” before, but never put much thought to it. After all, how bad could it be?  Given that everything is so regulated, what are the chances that we were ALL using products that contained poor ingredients?

Turns out that this market is not at all as well regulated as most of us like to assume, and there is no one truly ensuring that all of the ingredients are things that are fit to be put on the skin, the largest organ in the body.

This book takes you through each type of product (i.e. hair care, body care, perfumes etc…) and outlines some of the key and most harmful ingredients that are used.  Where there is information available, the author outlines what studies have been done to prove the harmful effects of each ingredient. The bottom line is, if there’s an ingredient that has been associated with increased cancer rates, would you continue use it on a regular basis or would you look for potentially healthier alternatives?  And once you know that fact, would you continue to use it?  I certainly wouldn’t.

The author also outlines all of the alternatives that are available.  Fortunately for us, there are many.  You can even easily make many of the products you would use on your own.  If you believe making products is too complicated for yourself, you can certainly purchase the products you need.  There are many resources out there for you.  This book is easy to read and full of solutions. This is definitely worth a read!

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