Deep conditioning treatments and herbal hair tonics

By on March 25, 2013

By: Dana McGlynn

If you are finding that your hair is looking dry, damaged or dull, you may want to try a pre-conditioning oil and aromatherapy hair treatment.  Most of us already use a regular conditioner that we apply to our hair for 2-3 minutes after our shampoo.   A pre conditioning treatment, is similar, but goes much deeper into the strands of the hair as it is applied all over the hair and is left in the hair for roughly and hour before shampooing.  Then it is washed out during the shampoo, and followed up by a regular drug store conditioner.  This longer more intense conditioning really helps to repair the fibres in your hair and can be done up to once a week.

Natural Oil and Aromatherapy Deep Conditioning Treatment 

olive oil and essential oils for hair

Photo by: Dana McGlynn

– 50 ml. Olive Oil (can be substituted for Almond, Avocado or Sunflower Oil – but these oils can be too rich for some people)

– 10-20 drops of essential oil(lavender, ylang ylang, rosemary, rose, sandalwood, chamomile or geranium)

– 1 Medium size towel


Measure out 50 ml of Olive Oil into a small glass jar or bottle.  Add to this 10-20 drops of essential oil.  The type of oil you chose will depend on the quality of hair you have.  If you have normal hair add to your oil 5-7 drops each of: lavender, mandarin and geranium essential oils.  If your hair is dry and damaged add 5-7 drops each of the following essential oils: chamomile, rose otto and sandalwood.  If your hair is sparse or fragile add 5-7 drops of the following to your hair: rosemary, ylang ylang, and lavender essential oils.  Take a minute to mix or swirl your oils in a jar and then apply all the oils to damp/wet hair.  Ensure that all the strands are thoroughly covered, with special attention given to the ends of your hair.  Sit for one hour with your hair covered in the olive and aromatherapy oils, with a towel wrapped around your head.  After one hour, wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo, and follow up with a regular conditioner, focusing on conditioning the ends or tips of the hair.  After this treatment, you should find your hair is smoother, more nourished and healthy looking.

Herbal Hair Rinse – to add shine and body to your hair

Perhaps your hair is not dry or damaged, but just lacking a bit of body and shine.  You may want to try ending your regular shampooing routine with an herbal hair rinse.  A natural herbal hair rinse is simple and inexpensive to do and can leave your hair smelling and looking fabulous.

herbs for hair tonics

Photo by: Dana McGlynn

4 tbsp.  dried herbs or 8 tbsp. fresh herbs

1 Quart/1 liter boiling water

1 pitcher or jug

Plastic cup or bowl


Place your chosen herbs in a large jug or pitcher and add to it 1 quart or liter of boiling water.  Let the herbs and water steep until cooled.  Strain out the herbs and bottle and store the water in a sterilized glass bottle or jar.  This herbal tincture will be good for several hair rinses and is best used when slightly warm.

To use, pour 1-2 cups of the herbal water into a large plastic cup or bowl and leaning your head back, pour it over your hair after a regular shampoo as a hair rinse.  Then, gently squeeze out any remaining water and let your hair air dry naturally.

Herbal choices for Hair Rinse (chose one or several herbs for your rinse, depending on your hair needs):

Fennel: for normal hair, tones the scalp and is good for lighter hair

Lavender: good for oily hair, tones the scalp, leaves a lovely fragrance to the hair

Nettle:  adds shine to the hair, tones the scalp and aides in hair growth

Rosemary: for oily to normal hair, gives the hair body, tones the scalp, improves hair growth, lovely fragrance

Sage: good for darker hair or gray hair, helps damaged hair and normal hair, adds shine, lovely fragrance.

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