Avoiding a hangover 101

By on December 10, 2012

By: Lauren Brunetti

So, it’s the morning after either a night of binge drinking or an impromptu night of hitting the bottle with friends and, let’s just say you overindulged! You wake up the next morning, stumble out of bed, look in the mirror and bam! You look as bad as you feel….

Some of you are lucky and can jump out of bed feeling and looking fine the next day (PS: I hate you!), but for the rest of us, we suffer from these common symptoms:

– Little to no pigment in your face; your skin looks dehydrated (because well…it is!).
– Your eyes are swollen and red from the worst night sleep ever.
– Terrible headache.
– Sore stomach.

Rule #1: Keep in Mind WHAT You Are Drinking!
Stay away from those sweet & sugary drinks – trust me, you will be grateful in the morning. Say goodbye to those delicious swedish berrie shots, polar bears and pina coladas! Sugar actually dehydrates you and when you’ve ingested more alcohol than your body can metabolize efficiently, the toxins in alcohol will build up and make you feel sick. Also, the sugar in these drinks make you bloated, just an FYI ladies ;)

My personal favourite drink is vodka & water. No, not soda…just plain old H2O! Add some fresh mint leaves, or if these aren’t available settle for some lemon and lime wedges…yum, so refreshing!

Rule #2: Eat (duh!)
Fill your stomach with a HEALTHY meal full of starches, essential vitamins and minerals. If you think that a greasy bar burger or slice of pizza is your idea of a good meal, well you may regret that idea in the morning or even later on that night. The grease will most likely mix the wrong way with the liquor, causing you to be starring at the toilet bowl or hugging it later on.

Rule #3: Try to Stick With Your Normal Bedtime Routine
– Take out your contacts to avoid swelling and your eyes turning bright red.
– Wash off your make-up.
– Drink an ENTIRE bottle of water. Force yourself to do this before you close your eyes, it will help flush the alcohol out of your system and may even save you from that terrible headache in the morning.

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