RedLipsLL exclusive: Infuse Medi Spa undergoes facelift

By on July 15, 2013


By: Nicole Rashotte

A few weeks back, I was invited to a beauty event through Red Lips Long Lashes. Being a health and beauty junkie, there was little to no (translation – absolutely no) arm-twisting to get photo(14)me to attend.

The event was a re-launching of sorts. Infuse Medical Spa had undergone a facelift and its owner, the delightful Kavita Suri, wanted to share the new look with us lucky Toronto beauty bloggers. The event itself was superb. When I walked through the front doors on 4 Charles Street East, I was welcomed by warming smiles from the Infuse staff and immediately offered a glass of wine and shown where all the food stations were (the event was catered by Quizno’s, with fresh fruit and vegetables and a few items for those with a sweet tooth also available).

Once food and drink were taken care of, I was given a tour of the spa. The look was very clean and earthy – almost as though there were water-themed undertones throughout. The space was intimate but not small – a great combination for the perfect spa experience. As the tour progressed, I see that they offer makeup application, “pain free” laser hair removal (really? Because I tend to enjoy the pure torture of a brazilin wax – it makes me feel alive), massages, facials straight from nature, work out stations and holistic consultations. The event offered free facials, with gold in it nonetheless (I suddenly felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman…without the whole hooker thing and a serious lack of a young/attractive Richard Gere), as well as makeup application (with each step being articulated to the full extent).

IMG_1160We were also offered 15-minute massages (someone must have been speaking to guys I have dated in the past and they were privy to the fact that wine and a massage will get me to do anything… like feel the sudden need to consider purchasing Botox injections at the ripe old age of 27). Impromptu consultations with a holistic expert were also offered to anyone interested on working through the inside out.

If you are a fan of combining health and beauty and are interested in enjoying a low-key, yet highly beneficial experience, you should definitely check out this quaint and beautiful spa in the Yorkville hub (which equals great location). For more details on what the spa offers and the holistic approaches they take, please visit their website at I guarantee you will not be disappointed (and if you are, just butter me up with some wine and a massage and I will probably cover your cost*)

*Sorry, that was a lie; never trust me when wine is involved.


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