Review: LUSH Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo Bar

By on March 30, 2013


By: Frances Du

Initially, I found the idea of a shampoo bar a bit baffling having used liquid shampoos all my life, but LUSH’s Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar has quickly become one of my HG products in the past couple of months.

LUSH offers handmade beauty and hair care products that are perfect for those looking to go the organic route (be sure to check out their bath bombs). They also sell shampoo bars, which are perfect for travel.

The Squeaky Green shampoo bar combines rosemary, nettle, and tea tree oil to effectively combat oil and flakes. It also guarantees that it will last for 50-80 washes.

While the bar is expensive (mine was around $13 CAD) it definitely lasts for a long time and doesn’t expire for at least a year, which is great, because after three months of daily usage it’s still about the same size.

What I love about the shampoo is that it only takes three or four quick swipes around the scalp area to get a good lather going. The smell is more perfume-y than herbal, but still a nice, pleasant scent. The only downside is that there are bits of herbs in the bar that can get stuck in your hair, but it does make my hair feel healthy and strong (definitely experienced less shedding after I started using this).

I would definitely recommend it to those who have dry, flaky, scalps combined with oily hair. The anti-bacterial properties ensure that your hair is properly taken care of, and helps manage oil production effectively.

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