Product review: George’s Special Dry Skin Cream

By on February 28, 2013

Georges Cream TubeBy: Lauren Brunetti

Another product that I can give nothing but amazing reviews for! Before I begin this review, here is a little background on me: I suffer from constant hand cracking and inability to retain moisture in my hands – especially during the cold, harsh winter weather here in Canada. I haven’t gone to a doctor to verify this, but I am 95% sure I am allergic to formulas that contain fragrance – heavy scented lotions dry out my hands and cuticles to the point where it’s unbearable.

Enough was enough, so last week on my way home from work, I stopped in at Shoppers and stood in the isle, looking at every single product on the shelf, and then all of a sudden, George’s Special Dry Skin Cream caught my eye. I had never seen this product before, and assumed it was new on the market. The label and branding was very basic, with no fancy colours – it was beyond simple. After reading the back of the bottle. I was sold: “George’s products do not contain urea, lanolin or parabens, and they are hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. They are also recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists and physicians.”

As soon as I applied this cream to my hands, it offered immediate relief! I could feel my hands start to relax and the skin felt much softer, instantly. The best of all was that these results LASTED.

George’s Cream Inc. is a private Canadian manufacturer and marketer of two specialty skin care products, and is owned by co-founders George Doherty and Skip Gibson. According to the official website, “George recommends that you apply a small amount at first because the cream is so thick and rich. Once you see how well George’s works and absorbs into your skin, feel free to apply liberally as needed. Let the condition of your skin help you gauge how much cream to use. It’s so rich that some first-time users find it a bit slippery or sticky. This feeling is temporary. When George’s Cream is worked into your skin, the stickiness disappears. This richness is why one application of George’s Cream can last for an entire day.”

This cream was $7.99 at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart. To find a store near you that sells, it, just click here.


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