Dirty Dancing coming to hollywood again

By on August 11, 2011

By: Lauren Brunetti
Is nothing sacred? I was on my way to work yesterday listening to the radio while I am heading along the painful traffic on Eglinton Ave in Toronto. When all of a sudden, the unthinkable was said….”The famous 1987 dance movie, Dirty Dancing is being remade!”

What? Ugh, I refuse to join hands and hearts and voices (voices, hearts and haaands) on this decision!

Before I go any further,  this is my ALL TIME favorite movie. My sisters and my mom adore this timeless classic – so much in fact that when my older sister was five years old she would pretend to be Jennifer Gray (Baby) and force my dad to be Patrick Swayze (Johnny). They would act out the famous last scene of the movie; my sister would stand on top of our fireplace mantle and my dad would pick her up and hold her over this head. (Ohh …the things parents will do for their kids!)

I did a minor in Film Studies at University and on the first day of one of my classes, my professor made us go around the lecture hall (filled with over 100 students, might I add…) and say our favourite movie. When I said Dirty Dancing (while others said they adored Psycho or American Beauty) I had every single student staring at me like I was insane. I can’t help it! I adore Patrick Swayze…don’t judge!

I stand behind this 100% – There will never be another Dirty Dancing as good as the original. Ever! So why bother trying? I blame High School Musical!

Read all about the controversy here.

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