Silver Linings Playbook, when crazy Paty met crazy Tiffany

By on April 4, 2013


By: Elodie Mertz

If you’re tired of the plethora of romantic movies that are everywhere and anywhere, well then this movie is for you. Entertaining and touching without being overly-emotional, The Silver Linings Playbook is a comedy that brings pure happiness. Which surely explains its numerous nominations and awards, which include the People’s Choice Award at TIFF in 2012.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Pat is allowed to get out after 8 months spent in a psychiatric institution for having beaten his wife’s lover. Watched out by his parents, he has one motto, “excelsior”, and one goal, regaining his amazing wife to enjoy again his amazing life. Of course, having to observe some restraining order make it a bit difficult. Invited at a dinner, he meets Tiffany. She has lost her husband some time ago and has been trying to compensate it by some promiscuous therapy (which didn’t work). Bonded by the trying of getting their life back, they make a deal: Tiffany will help Pat getting his wife back if he enters a dance competition with her.

The second the movie starts you get attached to the neurotic characters. You quickly realise that the main protagonists aren’t the only ones to have made themselves scarce from normality. All of them seem to have a screw loose starting with Pat’s dad (Robert de Niro), a superstitious gambler forbidden from football stadium. Anyway, the chemistry of the Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) couple works perfectly. The two actors stand in the right place, intertwining craziness, desperation, humour and romance.

The movie is never caught red-handed of annoying clichés or stereotypes and keeps you entertained throughout with a good rhythm. The dance scene illustrates the success of the movie: sensual and ridiculous enough to be passionate (romantic) and funny (comedy). For the guys who would be worried about being trapped and forced to watch a sloppy movie, do not worry. Scout’s honour, this movie is the perfect fit for every gender.

In the end, this movie is about how two messed up people can make a dysfunctional relationship work, and how all of our quirks and weaknesses aren’t that important when you accept and embrace them. After all, every cloud has its silver lining.



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