How the colours we wear affect our mood

By on April 26, 2013

By: Marina Radovanovic

wheelYou might have a job interview or an exciting date or maybe a party and event, and you can’t figure out not only what to wear, but what colour to wear. Whether you are looking to impress, feel confident or negotiate a deal at a meeting – there is a colour that can actually help you!

Usually we dash for our favourite colours (which is great), but sometimes we may omit and forget that there are other beautiful colours that can actually complement our looks and more specifically, our moods! Psychologists have been using colours for years to determine many factors and how each colour affects a person’s mood.

Here’s a list of some colours and how people react to them:

Blue is a soothing and calming colour that is safe and emits trustworthiness, and when worn in a deeper hue such as navy, portrays authority and knowledge. Just by looking at the sky or the ocean, one can understand where the calming effects are derived from.

Green is yet another soothing colour that symbolizes nature and the environment. When used in a lighter shade or with tones of yellow; such as lime – it becomes stimulating and happy. If a dark hunter green is your choice, it is a sophisticated and regal colour that can definitely portray a more serious mood.

Red Ahhh, the colour of stimulation and motivation and caution! Red is an assortment of various emotions and when used in the way 1214254665you want to reflect your mood, can have astounding results. Red can be seen as romantic or bold and depending on the shade of red worn; can bring you precisely the affect you want. A darker and deeper shade of red such as burgundy signifies sophistication with an undertone of mystery. The lightest shade of red is pink, and an innocent feminine colour that represents youthfulness and happiness.

Yellow is without doubt, the sunniest colour and can have various effects on people. It is an outgoing colour, happy and active and can instantly cause a switch in one’s mood. Many have worn this colour to provoke conversations and alleviate another person’s shyness and inhibitions.  There is a vast array yellow shades; from golden hay to mustard. It would depend on which colour you like best, and which tone suits you the most.

Orange a happy cousin of the colour yellow! It is stimulating and evokes joyfulness. Most often seen as an optimistic colour and a creative colour. It’s a widely popular that screams “look at me!” as seen on various ads and promotional marketing. Orange elicits excitement and happiness. Again, there are lighter shades of orange, such as peach that are feminine and can have that happy but subtle nuance.

Purple a heavenly mixture of blue and red that also brings both significances from the two colours! Bold, but calming! A calming and relaxing colour when worn in a lighter shade such as lavender, and more mysterious when worn in a deeper shade. A regal colour and highly attributed to mystery.

Brown is a safe colour, deriving from mother earth and nature. The neutrality of brown makes it easy to combine a plethora of colours so you can venture to be bold, but have that safety of brown to bring it down a notch. The cooler seasons would be best for paring brown and more vibrant colours!

Black is the most common and most respected colour. It is used year round and combined with various colours. It is a popular slimming colour, serious colour and sophisticated colour. Everyone knows the “little black dress”. It can evoke passion, mystery and additionally; conservatism, just like the colour navy.

White is a symbol of purity and innocence, and makes us feel accepted and respected. At times it can be joyful, optimistic and serene. Also another popular colour to mix with any colour of the rainbow, and if worn alone without any other combination of colour also provokes attention. For example; think of the bridal gown, or the entirely white suit worn by Elvis Presley. White is popular throughout the year, as it can be mixed and matched, and you’ll always look great!

As for silver and gold, these two colours are epic! Commonly used in jewellery and accessories; however, clothing in these hues are attention grabbing to say the least. Not very reserved or conservative, and usually used as accents or evening wear. We can always wear a lighter shade of either colour during the day combined with a neutral colour and look absolutely amazing!

All these colours above can be either worn alone (if you’re brave) or in various tones and in combination with other more subtle colours that complement one another. As we’ve all noticed the mod look of the 60’s carrying right over into the 70’s gave us combinations of oranges, pinks, blues and browns, and are used even today. And, it goes without saying: black and white are and always will be a very popular, classic duo!

Oh and don’t forget that we can always use a pop of colour when it comes to our accessories, such as clutches, jewellery, scarves or shoes.

Have fun experimenting with colours and see what works best for you! If you have any questions or want to add your comment about colours and how it affects your mood, feel free to drop us a line below. We’ll be happy to hear from you and glad to reply!

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