Online shopping…God help me.

By on August 12, 2011

By: Lauren Brunetti
I admit it – I have a problem.
And I tend to take it out on my credit card…

Online shopping is going to  be the death of me – or most likely, my bank account. It is so easy and convenient! The other day I was stressed out at work, I had a million things on my to-do list that needed to be done, with tight deadlines approaching. So what did I do? Some retail therapy obviously! Within exactly 4 minutes, I jumped online and bought a new cardigan…..and a purse.

I honestly find it so much easier than going to a busy crowded mall and wasting my entire day trying to find a specific piece of clothing. Why on earth would you search forever to get a decent parking spot? Walk in circles for a couple of hours and then on top of that wait in huge line ups at the cash register?

I find that you have so much more selection when you are shopping online – endless possibilities in fact. And the bonus? It is rare that someone else will be wearing the exact same thing as you when you are at work, school or a party.

Online shopping gives you the opportunity to even buy from companies that are in other countries and not available in Canada. Most sites offer free shipping if you spend a certain minimum amount. Also don’t forget to google the store + “promo codes” for a discount that can be applied to your order upon checkout.

Worried about sizes? I recommend always going up a size. Even though nearly all the websites have a detailed size chart that is usually extremely accurate, if you happen to fall in between two sizes, it is always better to go bigger. This way you can easily get the clothing item altered if you need too.

I even buy my contact lenses online now instead of from my optometrist (When I did this, I came to the realization that I have been ripped off by her for ages!) I pay nearly half the price online.

Check out a few of the websites that are my personal favourite to shop at!
Forever 21 Canada (The warehouse is actually IN Toronto – so your order comes to your door within 48 hrs usually).
ASOS (Amazing fashion from the United Kingdom. I can’t get enough of this site).
Nordstrom (Amazing deals on designer wear!)


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