Healthy eating tips for every nine-to-fiver

By on April 19, 2013

Heart of fruits and vegetablesBy: Elodie Mertz

Hippocrates used to say “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” He has a point, but clearly he wasn’t living the lives that we lead today – everywhere we turn, we are tempted with salty snacks, sugar and soft drinks. Plus, I’m pretty sure he didn’t know the constraints of the office hours when it came to eating healthy (we’ve all been there – when the vending machine calls your name at 4 pm, or your boss brings in glazed doughnut every Monday morning).

So here are some tips and tricks that any 9-5’er can follow in order to eat healthier and overall, to feel better!

Before we get started, here are some fun facts:

– Sleep enough. Research has shown that the lack of sleep gives you the munchies the next day, and even worse, it makes you craving for junk food.
– Don’t skip breakfast. You might not be hungry when you wake up early, but it’s not a reason to banish the first meal of the day. If you really are not a breakfast person, try to eat a protein bar or a bowl of oatmeal later in the morning while you’re at the office.
– Take up the habit of cooking in advance (especially if you have a hectic schedule during the week). On the weekend, cook yourself some good home-made meals. (After all, nothing beats getting home after a long day and all you have to do is reheat your dinner!)

Now, here are some healthy suggestions that any fellow foodie can follow:

For breakfast:
– Muesli: Mix some muesli with fresh pieces of apple, some crushed ginger and soy or almond milk
– Greek yogurt
– Healthy pancakes: Mix oats, a little bit of flour, egg white, grated apple, cinnamon, eventually some seed and cook this on a pan
– Smoothie: Mix some (fresh or frozen) berries with spinach, a banana or a mango and almond or soy milk
– Cereals: Whole grain cereals with fresh or dried fruits and almond milk

For lunch:
– A crispy mixed green salad topped with a balsamic vinaigrette
– Greek quinoa salad (olives, peppers, feta pieces, cucumber, tomatoes)

For a snack:
– Dried fruits (try pieces of mango with pieces of apple or banana, mixed with a little bit of lemon juice and coconut flavor)
– Freshly squeezed fruit juice or a smoothie with kale, fresh berries, yogurt and protien powder
– Nuts
– Dark chocolate (70% cocoa content or higher)
– 1 or 2 rice cakes covered with organic peanut butter without additives.
– Dried low-sodium seaweed

For dinner:
– Toasted bread with home-made guacamole (smashed ripe avocado with onions or shallot, a tiny little bit of soy sauce and lemon, and tones of spices)
– Omelette with fresh veggies
– Vegetable wrap with crisp lettuce, balsamic dressing, and your favourite vegetables! For extra protein, add pieces of grilled chicken

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