How to get naturally beautiful skin

By on March 27, 2013

By: Denisa Murrizi

Before we begin talking about how to get naturally amazing skin, let’s briefly talk about why our skin is oh-so important. Our skin tells a story, usually, our own story. How old we are, how well we take care of ourselves, what we eat, what we drink. Our skin covers and protects everything inside the body, and it absorbs anything we input into it. Toxins, parabens and sulphates are in a shocking number of cosmetic skincare products and are a cause for a high number of various cancers. With that in mind, it is extremely significant to use skin care that is natural and to keep our skin healthy through natural methods.

waterDehydration is a leading cause for various skin conditions, including premature aging, sagging and dull skin. Many people have dehydrated skin and are not even aware of it. A common misconception is that oily skins cannot be dehydrated or that being oily means that you are hydrated enough, but that is not true. Keeping your skin hydrated can be relatively simple. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day will ensure that your skin stays hydrated, but if you add a few lemon slices to the water your skin will quite literally begin to glow. The naturally occurring vitamin C in the lemons will make all the difference.


Unrefined, pure and virgin coconut oil is another miracle worker for naturally fabulous skin. Coconut oil is moisturising  antibiotic, a multivitamin, multi-nutrient, nourishing, anti-aging, anti wrinkle and anti-oxidant. Coconut oil is wholesome oil. The medium chain fatty acids within it get absorbed into your skin, where they can be directly utilized for nutrition and energy by the mitochondria: the power house of our body cells. This provides all the energy your skin needs to heal and maintain itself. You can apply the coconut oil directly to your skin, or you can get its extensive benefits from cooking with it as a replacement to other fatty oils such as vegetable oil or canola oil. Always remember that your skin reflects what is on your insides.

Having a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle is known to have endless benefits for cardiovascular health and losing body fat, but for those looking to improve their skin this is another reason to get moving. Exercising only 3 to 4 times a week will improve your skin’s elasticity, collagen production and overall appearance and health. According to dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, author of Simple Skin Beauty: 


Every Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin, blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including
the skin. This blood flow also carries away waste products, including free radicals. Although research is still being conducted to study the direct link between stress and skin conditions, all studies suggest that stress increases sebum production, therefore if you are an oily gal, hitting the gym a few days a week will help control the amount of oil your skin produces.

The bottom line for having phenomenal skin is to simply be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body will show its vitality through its skin, so drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, use natural skin care products such as coconut oil, and exercise regularly. These simple lifestyle tips will ensure your skin glows in health and vitality.




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