Our breakup survival guide

By on March 21, 2013

bigstock_Broken_Valentine_Heart_Falls_T_68496213By: Elodie Mertz

Stop listening to Eric Carmen’s depressing “All by myself” and get back on track! Here are some suggestions to mend your broken heart and get rid of the awful post-breakup blues:

– Throw a party with your best friends (no boys allowed of course!) This is your regressive moment, full of junk food, fancy cocktails, your favourite movie and close friends. Let the comments go wild, talk trash about him (if you feel the need). Just let loose!

– Your heart is a wreck, but you don’t need to turn into one. Try to get enough sleep because trust us, life seems a lot harder when you’re tired! And don’t forget to eat well: a balanced diet will help your body to be on top and to cope with your sadness. For lack of feeling good, at least, your body does!

– Accept your sorrow: it might be a bit abstract but we like to think that there’s a simple attitude toward life: find a solution or accept the situation. What does this mean in a nut-shell? If you really can’t change something, then let it go.

– Keep busy. Take up a new sport or go for a walk to get some fresh air. It is proven that exercise is a good antidote against depression and anxiety. Moving releases endorphins and dopamine, two hormones that are linked with a sense of pleasure and reward.

– Enjoy some time alone when you need it, but keep up your social calendar and hang out with friends (after all, this would be the time to lean on them – now more than ever).

Try new things you never had time to do before (yoga, massage, krav-maga, synchronized swimming, vegetable carving, sugar bags collection, whatever!) This would be the perfect time to try something new!

– Don’t rush into rebound relationships. If you are not ready to date someone new, it could potentially lead to more heartache than before.

– Don’t make any important decisions you could potentially regret. Let’s face it, important choices shouldn’t be made when you are in a state of shock, you should instead be in a relaxed state of mind. For example, put on the brakes if you have any urge whatsoever to shave your hair, get a tattoo, or quit your job.

Blast “Me, myself and I” from Beyonce. Let’s be serious, no one says it better than her: ‘I took a vow that from now on I’m gonna be my own best friend.”

You go girl!


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