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Leyla Dzhafarova


Leyla Dzhafarova is the current owner and editor-in-chief of Red Lips Long Lashes.  Leyla is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and is an artist, fashion designer, graphic designer and creator of all things artsy.   Leyla lives in Northern New Jersey and works full-time as the Art Director for Gym Sharing, L.L.C.  To get in touch with Leyla, send her an email at


LaurenLauren Brunetti is the original creator and editor-in-chief of Red Lips Long Lashes, which originally started out as her own personal blog and an outlet for her creative writing.  Lauren lives in Toronto, Canada and works full-time as Managing Editor at an international trade magazine. She is also a freelance fashion writer for eBay Canada.



francesFrances Du is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in SHE Canada, Culture-ist Magazine, and the Huffington Post. She’s also a makeup junkie who hits up Sephora way too much. In her spare time she loves reading The Atlantic, watching foreign films and eating good pho. When she’s not instagramming or pinning, you can usually find her blogging about beauty and other cool things at franny glass strikes back.



vanVanessa Hasid is a freelance writer based in Montreal. Her published work has appeared in local papers the Hour, the West End Times, and the Montreal Gazette. She is witty, straightforward, and honest to a fault – with an informed opinion on any and everything! She loves life, love, and Michael Jackson, and nothing makes her happier than a good movie, freshly manicured nails, a hot cup of tea, and snuggling under blankets. A fashion and food enthusiast, Vanessa loves to travel and see the world, and is actively pursuing her acting career.



AndreaAndrea Iseman is a creative professional from Toronto who writes for a variety of publications, including She Does The City, the Jewish Tribune, ELLE Canada and Canadian Family. Focusing on digital media, she also works with small businesses in the GTA building social media presence, creating brand awareness, revamping website content and producing engaging marketing campaigns.



elodieElodie Mertz has recently arrived from Belgium and holds a degree in French and Romance Studies. Elodie has always loved the English language and culture (otherwise how can you can you decently explain her enthusiasm for watching BBC when having breakfast or listening to BBC podcasts while she’s ironing?). Languages, writing and reading, along with the cinema are some of her passions. She has just started getting her work published and hopes that it’s the start of a long relationship with creative writing. Elodie also has a sweet tooth, she’s a tea liker (turning into a coffee addict), a regular swimmer and a pessimistic in remission.


danaDana McGlynn is our health and fitness expert at RedLipsLL! Dana teaches fitness throughout Toronto and presently specializes in Yoga, Pilates and Bellyfitness. She has always had an interest in holistic health and beauty. In 2010 she completed her C.N.H.P training at the Institute of Aromatherapy and since then, she has been writing part time for the Examiner as the Skin Care Writer in Toronto. Dana enjoys nutritious food, fitness adventures and is inspired by artistic expression, romance and glamour.



denisaDenisa Murrizi is a makeup artist and beauty writer. She has a passion for beauty and a love for the simple things. Although she holds a BA in Arts and a diploma in Journalism, she has a love for photography and freelances on a regular basis. She loves music of all kinds, reading, writing, web design, philanthropy, film, video games, working out and makeup.




marinaMarina Radovanovic is a published author of a non-fiction book and a full time freelance writer. She lives in Missisaauga and also enjoys reading classical literature, history and informative reference books. In her spare time when she is not writing, she loves listening to music, the outdoors and spending quality time with her family and her dog, Max.




NicoleNicole Rashotte works in finance during the day and drinks beer at night. She is a compulsive hoarder of all things beauty-related. She considers Sephora her second home, although she now knows that she can’t actually sleep in the store. Her work has appeared in publications such as BlogTO and Suite 101. Nicole can also be found oversharing the gory details of her life on her blog Picked From A Hot Grove. She enjoys being sarcastic, reading and people who make her laugh. Her hair is totally naturally blond, so stop asking about it, okay? If you would like to tell her a blonde joke, please follow her on Twitter @NicoleRashotte


danielleDanielle Todd is a part-time writer and full-time marketing professional, living in Burlington, Ontario. Her preferred form of cardio is shopping and her main vice is coffee. She also loves travel, reading and spending time with her husband and cats. In her spare time, she also writes for her personal blog, which can be found here.




AndreaAndrea Victory-LaCasse has a history of following her heart, and her heart always leads her to beauty. In 2005, moving from Newfoundland to Ontario, Andrea attended beauty school in the GTA. Since then, she’s worked on photo-shoots, movie and television sets, and as a beauty intern at FASHION Magazine. In 2011, Andrea launched the first entirely clean and green beauty shop in Toronto and was featured in over a dozen online publications, including as one of five of NOW Magazine’s Fashion Heroes. Now a freelance beauty writer, you can find Andrea regularly writing about clean and green beauty on her site, on Fashion Magazine’s online beauty panel, and for other publications.