A few simple things that make us happy

By on May 23, 2013


By: Marina Radovanovic

Sometimes it doesn’t take major occurrences to lift our spirits, change our moods or simply make us satisfyingly happy. Every day we can enjoy little things in life that can provide us with joy and remarkably significant health benefits. Being happy is not a destination but a means to experience that tingly joyful feeling that is particularly significant to us!

Here is a little list of what can make us happy and instantly change our mood:

    1. Admiring a gorgeous handbag at your favourite store, and returning the next day (after considerable deliberation) to purchase the bag, you find the price tag reduced! Who doesn’t love a sale?
    2. Assisting a man who looks puzzled in the perfume department about what to purchase for his wife. His overwhelming gratitude was a definite mood lifter!
    3. A compliment. Whether it is given or received always induces a warm and happy feeling!
    4. A wonderful and relaxing drive through the countryside on a sunny day, followed by a home-made brunch at your favourite restaurant!
    5. A day full of window shopping at “high-end” boutiques and then finding similar items at great and reliable stores at pocket-friendly prices!
    6. Making somebody else happy – always guaranteed to boomerang right back to the giver!
    7. No traffic on major roads. That is a definite moment of joy!
    8. Forgoing cooking for the day and being taken out to dinner instead (unless you are a chef or culinary aficionado!).
    9. Racing to the store to exchange your perfect dress (because you accidentally bought the wrong size) right before it closes… the manager is more than accommodating by allowing you to go in and even helps you locate the last remaining dress in your size! (Amazing customer service is always absolutely satisfying).
    10. Going through the drive-thru for your morning coffee, and having the car in-front of you pay for you. (Talk about ‘paying it forward!’)

So…as you see, simple things can add momentous tingles of happiness that often enough, we can reflect on later. It’s those days that help us remember that little things mean a lot!

If you have anything to add to the list of simple things that make us/you happy; we will be glad to hear about them! Write us your experiences and comments below!

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