A walk down memory lane

By on February 18, 2014


By; Marina Radovanovic

Being a ‘70’s gal myself (okay I was a child; but nonetheless), I remember when everything was more relaxed, tame and subdued. Throughout the decades; I’ve noticed that all that relaxation and subdued atmosphere had if not minimalized; vanished!

I also interestingly noticed how many times I’ve heard young adults tell me: “wow, things were so cool and laid back in the ‘70s”. At times they wished they could visit that era too! Indeed…I found that interesting, and yes, a tad flattering!

Lately…in the past few years, I’ve noticed that many people, including generation “Y”  have taken a liking to 70’s fashion (which is still noticeable in various retail stores and boutiques),1970 farrah fawcett and this wouldn’t exclude colours, home décor and the return of the “muscle cars”!

Us 70’s kids had no cell phones, computers, tablets and ebooks – nope! We used our imagination (not to insinuate that kids today don’t have imaginations), outdoor activities were eagerly anticipated, and most of us stayed outdoors until the common “street light goes on” signalling us that it’s time to go home.

Sundays….oh those Sundays! No stores were open and only a handful of restaurants and convenient stores. It was a day dedicated to family time, visiting others, playing and watching Disney movies. The sudden change of that law (yes, there were businesses that were actually charged for remaining open on a Sunday!) was heavily opposed by many, however, the new law prevailed and everything was legally open. For shopping connoisseurs (including myself) this was delightful.

Notice how even music of the 70’s (sometimes 60’s) are often in commercials on television, or on popular television shows? Yup! I would be doing my chores, etc., and suddenly hear lyrics being sung by a group of younger people, and for a moment would think to myself – okay, I’m imagining this, and laugh it off. However, I would walk into that particular group of youngsters and inquire as to “how on earth do you know that song(s)?” Without a blink of an eye, they informed me that these songs are commonly played on radio stations (though remixed), or on television shows, etc. They also inform me of how much they like these songs (to my delight)!

So, as much as I love to nostalgically recall the “good ‘ol days,” I do follow current trends, music and the like and enjoy them, but simply can’t help noticing the impact that decades of the past influence today’s trends in many, many ways!

A tiny list of what I’ve noticed:

*blue and brown, pink and brown and other colour combinations ‘60s and ‘70s

*patterns on clothing – geometrical 60’s style

*patent shoes, and shoes that have the cap-toes

*songs – too many to list, but Journey, Toto and Aerosmith’s songs are among them

*cars – Challenger and Charger and then some…



*romance novels – okay they were always “in” but ever more so now

*quotes by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and other notable personages making a comeback

*New age philosophy (heavily influential in the late 60’s and 70’s) are back but with new names – same theories

Well, I can go on and on but I can’t help but sneak in a smile when I notice a few nostalgic images, items, tunes and the such that are showcased in numerous ways.

Here’s to the “kool-aid and lemonade” stands, Leave it to Beaver, Gilligan’s Island, the big 8 cylinder cars, playing ‘til dusk and those lazy Sundays!


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