The mysteries and significance behind fragrances

By on June 18, 2013


By: Marina Radovanovic

Since the beginning of time, fragrances have used for a variety of different reasons; for example, Cleopatra used various scents such as lavender, rose, jasmine and myrrh – to name a few.

Women have always used fragrances as an accessory in an effort to intrigue, allure, and feel better and to even complete their outfit.

Some women don’t often stray from their “signature” scent, and eventually this smell even becomes a staple of their identity – so to speak.

There are scents that some women and men use all year around, and that’s because they love the scent they are accustomed to. There might come a time when a person decides to change their “signature” scent, and when they venture into the world of fragrances at their local department store, it is fair to say that this experience can get overwhelming.

Personally, I usually never go searching for a “new” scent in the store itself, because it can be confusing and extremely disgruntling. When I find a sample scent either in a magazine, flyer or when cosmetic counters offer them to potential customers – I get excited because this is the perfect chance to actually experience the scent, wear it for a little while and see how much I like the fragrance.

Chanel – this is a brand that is a staple of class, and they know it! Their classic and unforgettable signature scent throughout decades and decades is Chanel No. 5 and following that was Chanel No. 19 and No.22

While there are loyal Chanel No. 5 customers, Chanel introduced many new scents to their fragrance line that are fresh, light and up-to-date with all other fragrances. While Chanel No. 5 still remains the icon of all their fragrances!

There are a plethora of remarkable companies that provide fragrances that captivate people, and offer various other momentous reasons that have made the “perfume” industry an everlasting successful venture.

What fragrances actually do:

– Change a person’s mood

– Entice and captivate

– Creates a memory; do you ever find yourself recalling a specific time in your life simply by getting a whiff of a certain scent? It is a fact that scents trigger memories!

– Empower and provide additional confidence

– Allow a person to create their own personalized trademark, so to speak.

Just think of all the advertisements and ads we either watch on television or see in magazines; they are absolutely true! Fragrances are one of life’s mysteries. They can allure, or deter people, or amuse, arouse, stimulate or captivate people that wear them and people that smell them!

Floral scents are sweet – some are light and perfect for the warm seasons. In addition to floral scents, fruity scents are usually worn in the warm seasons and exotic, musky and woodsy scents are usually worn in the colder months. Powdery scents can carry straight through the year…I find, because they are usually very light.

Yet, one does not have to abide by any form of rules to wearing fragrances. Whatever makes the person feel good is usually the scent to go with.

Whether you are devoted to a specific brand and scent, fragrances are the most universal form of accessory and have been for centuries!

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