Nicole’s Top Five Must-Haves

By on October 4, 2013

By: Nicole Rashotte

When asked the question, “what are some things in life that you could never live without?” most people probably think of family, friends or their significant other (or in my case, Netflix). But what about those OTHER “can’t live withouts”? The ones that cost money and bring you true happiness. I’m talking beauty products.

The way I feel about my favourite beauty products is similar to the way the media felt about Jay Z dropping the hyphen in his name – THE BEST AND MOST EXCITING THING EVER! And just like Hova in a suit and tie, the following 5 products make me feel like a straight-up lady P.I.M.P (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been dominating my iTunes lately…I hide it well though). So, if you have ever thought, “I wonder what that Nicole chick from Red Lips Long Lashes puts on her face and hair on the reg?” then you are in luck! Keep reading for my top 5 beauty products that bring me the kind of joy that I know no other human being possibly could

one_listThey’re Real Mascara by Benefit

I first read about this product on Lindsey Kelk’s (author of the I Heart series) blog. Since I like to makes1343938-main-hero weekly bi-monthly visits to Sephora, I decided to drop the $30 and give this mascara a go. Opening this tube and gliding it over my lashes is what I assume falling love feels like, only better. This product immediately enamored me. My lashes looked long and thick and accentuated the wideness of my eyes – it’s basically Zooey Deschanel in a tube. There were no clumps and application time was relatively minimal, which I am a big fan of.  The price can be a bit off-putting, but the results are so worth it. Think of every application like being in your own episode of The New Girl, but without having to speak in that weird baby voice and date a guy with messed up anger/resentment issues. Win-Win.

two_listRare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser by Kiehls

cleanserFor me, Kiehls is the skin care Sephora. I buy a lot of their products and I am rarely disappointed. Their Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser is far and beyond my favourite item though. First of all, it is all-natural. This makes me feel “safe from potential toxins” as I scrub it into my moneymaker* and I also feel like I have some ammo to jump into a pretentious conversations at any given time.  While the breakout years of my life seem to behind me, I still have relatively sensitive skin. This means anything with too much perfume in it  (I’m looking at you Neutrogena Morning Burst) irritates my face with dryness that no lotion could moisturize. This cleanser also exfoliates and thus cuts out one step and cuts down time (there seems to be a theme in my daily routine). There is nothing quite like stepping out of a shower feeling soft and supple from head to toe.

three_listMoroccan Oil Treatment by Moroccanoiloil

Do you like soft hair? Do you like hair that smells great? If you answered yes, then please proceed. If you answered no, then, I don’t know…I guess you are a horrible human being that probably doesn’t like puppies or laughter either and there is nothing that I can do for you here. Anyways, as a girl that likes to change the colour of my hair with the change in the weather, I am always in search of some extra moisture and nutrients for all the horrors I put my hair through. This product can be used in larger a quantity, as a 1-2 times a week treatment, or in a smaller quantity as a daily “smoother”. In the game of frizz, heat doesn’t always have to win. One swipe of Moroccan oil can keep a fair number of frizzies at bay and that is a wonderful thing. On top of it’s replenishing and smoothing components, the smell of the Moroccan oil is amazing. Yes, I am one of those women who get slightly turned on by the scent of their own hair when a light breeze brushes by – and now you can be too!

four_listJumbo Gloss Balm by Revlon

Revlon-Just-Bitten-Kissable-Balm-Stain-12I like lipstick. I like how it can range from subtle to dramatic. I like that it can accompany or complete an outfit. I like that it can take a summer tan from appealing to hot. I often look at other women wearing lipstick and think, “Wow, they are rocking that colour. Must. Ask. Where. From”.  The only slight problem is I don’t really like lipstick on me. Oh, I have tons of lipsticks (I could literally give Shoppers Drug Mart a run for their money) but I seldom use them. I either put it on and it just feels like too much and I take it off OR I roll with it (usually when I am getting ready post 2-3 drinks) and forget the whole “reapply” thing. The problem with not reapplying is that you are often times left with what looks like lip liner (which, oddly enough, I don’t own) and nothing else. Since I am not Christina Aguilera circa 1999, this is not a good look for me. This is where jumbo gloss comes in. These gloss sticks go on like a lipstick but show up and last like a gloss. The colour that is left on the lips is not so in-your-face but highlights the lovely curves of a women’s pout. Unlike a lot of lipsticks, this gloss stays on longer and when it does fade, it all fades. There are no “lip liner only”episodes. While it is true that there are a lot of lip gloss sticks on the market, I prefer the Revlon brand because it does not irritate my lips and the price is something I can definitely get in line with ($8 at most drug stores). For the summer months, my favourite colours are Haute Pink Twist and Coral Twist.

five_listDry Shampoo by Batiste

I am sure that I have mentioned this little timesaving gem before, but good things are worth repeating (just ask Lindsey Lohan anytime batisseshe gets behind the wheel of a car).  Whether you are concerned about drying out your hair from daily washing or you need to budget more time in bed to ease your hangover before work, this product will be your saving grace. Just pop off the top, shake and spray on any area that has generated extra oil and voila! It’s like you just spent those exhausting 5-7 minutes that it takes to wash your hair but it only took you one. Genius. When I use to have bangs (RIP) I used this product daily – even on the rare occasions that I decided to shower that day. The whole “hair resting on forehead” thing can generate access oil faster than Kim Kardashian can say “Jokes. I actually meant ‘I don’t’ “.  Even if you are not a member of the bangs club and just want to liven up your hair after a long day drinking at the office, this product is for you. Dry shampoo tends to produce a kick in volume and can take lifeless hair to the next level (I am not sure what the next level is but it seemed like the right thing to say).

Ok, that is it. Those are the beauty products that are my bread and butter (as in, I have gone without eating to make sure I had these things). I would love to hear about what your favourite products are. I am always in search of new things to needlessly toss my money at.

*Sadly, my face does not generate any kind of income….


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